WOWW Zero Waste Soap
WOWW is the palm-oil free, eco, luxurious skincare choice to banish plastic bottles from the bathroom.
Handmade locally in Sydney, Australia in very small batches using all-natural ingredients, WOWW is as good for your skin as it is for the planet. Each soap is made following the traditional cold process method and is packed with nourishing, skin-loving plant oils and butters, Australian clays and pure essential oils – there’s no synthetics, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

Need a way to calm a busy toddler? Grab your gumboots and head outdoors with our top 10 nature activities

Nature activities for toddlers

When I think of nature I picture my local forest, where the dappled shadows of the beech and sycamore trees create a soothing rhythm on the forest floor and I’m instantly calm. Research has proven that nature has calming properties. Bed-ridden hospital patients with a view recover quicker. So, it’s not surprising that taking toddlers…

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Reduce your fashion consumption and put your wardrobe to work this winter with the 10 x 10 challenge

WOWW sustainable fashion CC Fashion Pack

Created by self-described “closet curator” Lee Vosburgh (@leevosburgh), the 10 x 10 Challenge is an inspired way to change your perspective on the wardrobe you already own. Why buy new items before you’ve shopped your closet? It’s an approach that’s better for the planet and your wallet. Using the 10 x 10 Challenge as a…

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