Reduce your fashion consumption and put your wardrobe to work this winter with the 10 x 10 challenge

Created by self-described “closet curator” Lee Vosburgh (@leevosburgh), the 10 x 10 Challenge is an inspired way to change your perspective on the wardrobe you already own. Why buy new items before you’ve shopped your closet? It’s an approach that’s better for the planet and your wallet. Using the 10 x 10 Challenge as a guide we’ll show you how to create a micro capsule wardrobe with 10 items for 10 days.

A disciplined edit of your clothes can actually increase your perception of what you have. By choosing items you truly love that fit well, and are suitable for a multitude of situations, you’re opening up a world of possibilities beyond fast fashion one-hit wonders. You’re also defining your personal style.

One of the most valuable pieces of style advice out there is to spend money on a few key classic pieces that will work right across your entire wardrobe. After all classics are classic for a reason, they never go out of style.

WOWW sustainable fashion, 10 x 10 challenge

Classic pieces will form the basis of your capsule wardrobe. And when you #buylesschoosewell these hero pieces will form the cornerstone of your closet for many years to come. A killer pair of trousers, a much loved jacket or that perennial favourite: the little black dress are forever staples.

A dress is beyond versatile. With tights and a jacket you’re work ready, or pull on some legwarmers – and any other favourite quirky accessory ­­– and the weekend is yours for the taking!

WOWW sustainable fashion 10 x 10

The first few days of your 10×10 will seem fairly easy but, as the week wears on, you’ll have to think a little bit harder and really start to mix things up.

A long-sleeve knit under a sleeveless dress works well and this concept can transform the seasonality of your favourite pieces. Layering is a brilliant trick to give something a quick restyle and lets you see a favourite piece with fresh eyes. Not only that, but using existing pieces in a new way challenges you to step out of your comfort zone.

Every busy person needs a pair of sneakers they can just throw on. Something you can reach for whenever you need to rush out the door. Invest in an ethically produced pair that fits well and will last through some wear and tear. Veja sneakers are organic, fair trade and offer good-looking vegan options. Whatever sneaker you choose pick something classic with an individual twist to liven them up.

Add some silver sparkle with metallic shoes or accessories. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring some bling into your personal style. A silver shoe can be worn multiple times compared to how often you’ll have an occasion for a silver jacket or pants. Sustainable style can take many forms.

WOWW sustainable fashion, 10 x 10 challenge

Ethical denim options are many, varied and growing. Outland Denim has a great range (favoured by the Duchess of Sussex, no less) and is doing amazing things to transform the lives of women living in poverty.

Sustainable design and innovations should be a strong part of your chosen brand’s mission statement. Ensure the denim you wear is created with respect for people and planet in a transparent manner. The best jeans will see you through a multitude of situations, so invest in a good quality pair made with hardy denim in a blue you truly love that way they’ll only get better with every wash. And don’t wash them too often – there really is no need.

Whatever you wear this winter, why not use the new season to start combining your favourite pieces in different ways? Now is the time to create your new #fashionlovestory

Have you tried the 10 x 10 challenge yet? We’d love to hear how it’s opened your eyes to the world of possibilities that already exist in the wardrobe you have. Share your 10 x 10 tips in the comments below!

CC Fashion Pack is Sydney photographer Sarah Ward and writer Julia Henry. Together they curate slow fashion shoots that offer wardrobe inspiration for like-minded souls. Follow them on Instagram @ccfashionpack

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