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If you’re intimidated by the idea of fitting all your waste in a jar you’re not the only one. WOWW isn’t about doing Zero Waste perfectly. Our goal is simple: to help take the pain out of going plastic-free with small achievable switches you can make each week.

Banishing plastic bottles from your skincare routine is an awesome place to start.

The average person uses about 12 plastic bottles of body wash a year – that’s 2.7 billion bottles that need to be recycled and often aren’t. In each 250ml plastic bottle there’s about 200ml of petroleum oil. That’s a lot of oil we’re extracting simply to have the convenience of soap in a plastic bottle.

Switching to handmade, all-natural bar soap is a simple solution that will make a big impact.

We make our WOWW Zero Waste Soap the traditional way, by hand and from scratch using moisturising plant oils, butters, local beeswax, Australian clays and essential oils.

There’s no palm oil, preservatives or synthetics, no SLS – none of those nasties you find in commercial soaps. We have some great vegan options in the WOWW range, too! Our packaging is compostable and we ship via carbon neutral Sendle.

WOWW is as good for you and your skin as it is for the planet!

I hope you enjoy using your WOWW Zero Waste Soap as much as I enjoyed making it!

X Helen

Founder WOWW: War On Waste Weekly

Photography by @mattcoyte