Welcome to WOWW: War On Waste Weekly an online eco community that celebrates saving the planet your way. Thanks for dropping by!

If you’re obsessed with fitting all your crap in a mason jar we’re not going to judge you, but WOWW isn’t about doing Zero Waste perfectly. Our goal is to help the average family take small achievable steps, week by week, to reduce their waste and make a big difference to the environment and to have some fun along the way.

WOWW is more than one person. It’s the voices of many who are sharing the same path. We’re all trying to change in our own way and this is a space to share that journey.

WOWW was created by me, Helen Barry. I’m a Sydney mum of two crazy kidlets, a print journalist turned eco blogger and Zero Waste soapmaker!

WOWW began as an Instagram blog @waronwasteweekly after an impassioned night of  TV viewing. The show that swung me into action was the Australian Broadcast Commission (ABC) TV’s War On Waste, hosted by Craig Reucassel. After seeing a marine biologist struggling to remove a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nose I burst into tears and ran to tell my partner, through floods of tears, that I had to do something, something to make it stop.

But how could I fix the plastic problem? It was enormous! And I was just one person, what could I do?

I decided to get noisy about it. I’m a writer, so why not blog about it and help wake up the world that way?

And so … dah dah the original WOWW was born. An Instagram eco blog about our Sydney family embarking on a Zero Waste Adventure. Our goal seemed simple: to go from average to eco, one week at a time over the course of a year.

What began as our journey, I soon realised, was already a way of life for so many others. On Instagram I found a tribe of amazing and inspiring Zero Wasters and eco activists who were already on the frontline fighting the War On Waste. I was awe struck to befriend them and learn all their tips and tricks. I wanted to make a space for them to share more of the great things they have to say and so I built this website.

Along the way, I also discovered the joy of cold process soapmaking. It’s the traditional way to make soap without nasty detergents or synthetics. In soapmaking I’ve not only found a true passion, but also a solution to banish plastic bottles from our home! Now I share my handmade, small-batch palm-oil free soap with others, through my online WOWW Zero Waste Shop and at local markets and eco-minded cafes and shops.

If you’ve begun your own Zero Waste journey or you’re keen to learn more you’ve come to the right place.  WOWW is here to be your cheer squad! To encourage you to begin making small changes and, for those already living the life, to share your thoughts, ideas, tips and tricks with others in a supportive, collaborative community.

I truly believe that with the right attitude and a bit of common sense we can survive this sustainability rollercoaster together.

You won’t go plastic-free overnight – no one does – but with a little effort you can  start making a positive impact on your life and the planet – and have fun and look and feel fabulous while you’re doing it!

Buckle up and enjoy the eco ride!


Founder WOWW: War On Waste Weekly

Photography by @mattcoyte