Soaking in the tub is self-care nirvana. This DIY bath soak will take you there

If your life is even half as hectic as mine I’m sure you like nothing more than a long hot soak in the tub. It’s a great way to unwind and recharge from the seemingly never-ending demands of everyday life.

I usually pop in some epsom salts to my bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil – and that’s a great go-to for instant muscle relaxation – but today this rainy weather inspired me to take a bit more time and make something luxurious and really special: a Self-Care Nirvana if you will. A DIY Milk Bath Soak!

The ultimate in plastic-free self care Nirvana: a DIY Milk Bath Soak

Really, you can make a bath soak from things you probably already have in your pantry. However, if you want to go the extra mile for a super luxe self-care treat you can always pick up a few extra things to make it really special. I’ve added bentonite clay which I happen to have on hand as I use in my soap making. I also made a quick trip to my favourite Zero Waste store The Source where I picked up a bunch of fabulous plastic-free goodies including Australian pink lake salt and some magnesium chloride flakes. These are solar-dried and harvested from a natural lake in Tibet. Magnesium is an essential mineral and nutrient that most of us are deficient in. It’s essential for regulating nerve and muscle function which alongside the magnesium sulfate in the epsom salts makes it a powerfully relaxing addition to this soak.

Enjoy – you deserve this!



1/2 cup milk powder (whichever kind you fancy)

1/2 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup magnesium chloride flakes*

1/4 cup bentonite clay

1/4 Australian pink lake salt

15 drops essential oil (I used lavender and rose geranium)

1 tbsp rose petals*

1/2 tbsp lavender buds*


Mix the whole lot together in a big bowl and then put it in a glass jar with an airtight seal.

Add 1/3 cup to your next warm bath and soak away your worries!

* Optional but a great addition. Available at The Source

Rose petals and lavender buds take this DIY Milk Bath Soak to a new degree of bliss

For self care for the time poor or those who just can’t be bothered to DIY. You can always grab a great plastic-free award-winning bath soak. Handmade with love locally by WOWW friend Wanderlightly Calm + Soothe Bath Salts are simply gorgeous and come with extra crystal power as they contain a smokey quartz. These were a Gold winner in last year’s Australian Non-Toxic Awards in the bath soak category!

I try to make a good bath soak a weekly treat and I’m definitely starting to feel the benefits. Why not commit to your own self-care nirvana too?

Happy soaking…

Photography by @wordspluspictures


Helen Barry

Helen Barry is a Sydney-based writer and content creator on a Zero Waste adventure! Editor of eco magazine War On Waste Weekly, Helen is also the mother of two Mini Waste Warriors.

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