Clay is the secret to a naturally good skincare regime. Here’s our top 3 by skin type

Clay is the wonder ingredient in natural beauty products that every one is raving about. It may seem like the latest fad, but clays have actually been used traditionally in skincare for centuries. It’s why they are a great low-tox natural alternative to anything cooked up in a lab. Packed full of the minerals that our bodies crave some people even go as far as ingesting them – but I wouldn’t recommend that…

Australian Pink, Olive Green & Bentonite Clays. Ceramics by Katherine Mahoney.

As a skincare treatment clays are wonderful for soothing and balancing the skin and drawing out impurities. Australian Bentonite, Pink and Olive Green clays are my go-to in my WOWW Zero Waste Soap range. The gorgeous hues make the soap look really lovely and give the bars a nice slip, but they also bring great benefits to your skin too!

But which clay is right for you? Here’s my top 3 by skin type:

WOWW Beauty Bar: Australian Pink Clay, Lavender & Rose Geranium

Australian Pink Clay is the star of the BEAUTY Bar. It loves mature, dry and sensitive skin types. It’s packed with silica, which is great for renewing skin cells as it boosts collagen production, plumping skin and giving you a fresh, new glow! It can also calm inflamed and stressed skin so it’s good for skin that needs a bit of TLC.

WOWW Gardener’s Bar: Australian Olive Green Clay, Lime & Rosemary

Formed from volcanic ash under the seabed, Australian Bentonite Clay is negatively charged and believed to be great for detoxing the skin by drawing out excess oil and impurities.

With minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron Bentonite Clay gives the skin a nutritional lift. When combined with the natural ‘luffa’ sponge in the LOOFAH Bar it’s a great choice for normal to oily complexions.

WOWW Loofah Bar: Australian Bentonite Clay & 5 essential oils

Oily and acne prone skin loves Australian Olive Green Clay. It works by drawing out excess oil from the pores and tightening them, helping to bring the skin back into balance. It’s the secret weapon in both the GREENIE and GARDENER’S bars.

WOWW Greenie Bar: Australian Olive Green Clay & Lemon Myrtle

Have you tried using natural clays to improve your complexion? I’d love to hear what your favourites are and why.

Product photography by Lyn McCreanor, Clay hero shots and Loofah Bar by @wordspluspictures

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Helen Barry

Helen Barry is a Sydney-based writer and content creator on a Zero Waste adventure! Editor of eco magazine War On Waste Weekly, Helen is also the mother of two Mini Waste Warriors.

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