WOWW Zero Waste Soap
WOWW is the palm-oil free, eco, luxurious skincare choice to banish plastic bottles from the bathroom.
Handmade locally in Sydney, Australia in very small batches using all-natural ingredients, WOWW is as good for your skin as it is for the planet. Each soap is made following the traditional cold process method and is packed with nourishing, skin-loving plant oils and butters, Australian clays and pure essential oils – there’s no synthetics, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

Clothing activist JANE MILBURN on why mending is the new black

Clothing is a dish best served slow according to textile activist Jane Milburn, recipient of the 2019 Churchill Fellowship, whose pioneering work in upcycling and mending has firmly reset the fashion agenda. Jane, you’ve had a diverse career in agricultural science, journalism and communications and now as a Slow Clothing activist. Were you always passionate…

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Soapberries roadtest – will they sink or swim in the kitchen?


They can wash your laundry, but have you ever wondered if soapnuts aka soapberries could wash your dishes? I’d been wondering that pretty much since I’d started washing my clothes with the things on a semi-regular basis. For the uninitiated, soapnuts aren’t a nut at all. They’re a fruit that comes from a tree called…

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