WOWW 2 Bar Gift Pack – Barista & Greenie with Large Handmade KM Soap Dish, Chalk glaze


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WOWW is excited to have partnered with Katherine Mahoney Ceramics to offer handmade soap dishes with WOWW Zero Waste Soap.

This set includes a large KM soap dish in chalk glaze (13cm x 10cm) and a Barista and Greenie Bar.

Katherine is a Sydney ceramicist who works with clay to make bespoke, hand-thrown pieces that truly are one of a kind. Her soap dishes are the perfect accompaniment to WOWW handmade soap as they allow the bars to drain and dry properly, which makes them last longer.

Each Katherine Mahoney Ceramics soap dish comes with a featured soap from the WOWW range.

As this is a handmade product stocks are extremely limited! If out of stock please contact me via Direct Message on Instagram @waronwasteweekly and I can put you on a waitlist and notify you when new stock arrives.

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